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Break your constant cycle of overeating & emotional eating by understanding how to manage your diet, even though you're stressed, bored or excited.

Saturday, 15th Jan
4-5 pm 

How to lose weight without dieting? 

Why you can't stick to your diet?

How to control the cravings?

Image by Tamas Pap

All of us face such questions in our daily lives. 

Especially in the past year, the pandemic has increased our dependency on food.

If you have struggled with one or more of these concerns, it’s time to join the dots. And begin to explore HOW you are eating vs WHAT you are eating. 

In order to develop a sustainable relationship with food, we need to understand how food interacts with our emotional & digestive world. This understanding enables us to adapt to a vibrant lifestyle, where we aren't always yo-yo dieting, but enjoying foods we love, without guilt & without constant obsession.  The solution is quite simple, yet untapped. 

Image by Estefanía Escalante Fernández

the psychology

A workshop combining the principles of nutrition science and eating psychology. 

Image by Victoria Shes

Inside the


  • Understand why you can't stick to your diet

  • Recognize the connection between stress, food & digestion

  • Learn why the gut-brain connection gets disturbed when we worry 

  • Actionable Steps to change your relationship with food, despite what's happening in your life 

  • Break into the subtle mood-food connection

  • Learn how cravings are pointing to nutritional deficiencies

Image by Rachel Park

“I focus on what is right for YOU and YOUR needs to break through the surface of these issues to deeper understand and explore why you behave this way around eating and food.”

Counselling Psychologist Mind-Body Eating Coach Body Image Expert 

15th Jan, 2022

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