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The "5-4-3-2-1 method" if you can't sleep past bedtime. Try it.

Most of us aren't being able to sleep because of overthinking & overstimulation. Let's use our senses to produce melatonin.

Start with absorbing all the details of your surroundings using each of your senses. Strive to notice small details that your mind would usually tune out, such as distant sounds, or the texture of an ordinary object.

5 Things you can SEE

Look for small details such as a pattern on the ceiling, the way light reflects off a surface, or an object you never noticed.

4 Things you can FEEL

Notice the sensation of clothing on your body, the light on your skin, or the feeling of the cushions your head is resting on. Pick up an object, maybe a water bottle, and examine its weight, texture, and other physical qualities.

3 Things you can HEAR

Pay special attention to the sounds your mind has tuned out, such as a ticking clock, distant traffic, or trees blowing in the wind.

2 Things you can SMELL

Try to notice smells in the air around you, like an air freshener or the smell of your sheets. You can also look around for something that has a relaxing aroma, like lavender essential oil or a candle.

1 Thing you can TASTE

You can do this with tea, gum, or even water. Try focusing on the flavor that this adds to your mouth. Grounding through all your senses brings you out of your head, and back into your body.

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