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How To Stick To Your Diet plan?

Understanding the psychology of eating might just be your right bet! Here's a Cheat-Sheet to help you.

Fill in the blank:

I want to stick to my diet because:________________

Complete the sentence for me: I want to diet because when I have the perfect body, then? Everything will be alright? I'll finally be able to fit into my clothes?

What is dieting?

It's the process of reaching a certain weight because we want to achieve a certain goal.

We start, we succeed for a while, we then succumb to temptation – overeat ( over-succumb by the way!) and then fill up with guilt and self-attack of failure.

Just to decide, that next time, I will follow my diet better!

Instead of thinking that I have failed the diet, why not SEE that the diet has failed me! Feeling guilty about our failure is literally setting the stage for another repeat of this ‘cheat’ scenario.

Instead, try this:

If you end up failing on a diet; make a note of the following CHEAT-SHEET

C- Comfortable or uncomfortable scenario? What situation are you in? At home or a party?

H- Have you cheated 'here' before? Do you generally feel the need to overeat 'here'?

E- Earlier in the day, did you skip a meal? Skipping a meal sets the stage for a later binge.

A- Were you feeling anxious before approaching this meal? Did something make you worry?

T- Time of the day? Is it morning, afternoon, evening, or midnight?

Once you start keeping a track of this CHEAT-SHEET, you'll start noticing a pattern with emotional eating.

To dive deeper and start your journey to change your relationship with food & understand your psychology behind why you overeat, join me on Saturday for a 60-min interactive workshop!

Love and light,


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