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The Cheat-guide you need for actually Sticking To Your Diet in 2021

How many times have you stayed on a diet for a significant period of time, and ultimately gotten tired and left it?

Having fun with chips & chocolate isn’t a forever pleasure, because you get a reality check as soon as you stand on the scale a few weeks later.

The number on that scale DOES NOT FEEL GOOD. And yes, I get, at that point - you do want a quick fix.

Amongst all your diets and culinary fads (keto, paleo, vegan, GF, sugar free, the list goes on) that you’ve tried over your lifetime, trust me I've tried them all. How many have you truly been able to stick to LONG TERM?

If you answered anything less than 1, maybe you need another solution.

So let's dive right in. The next time you end up ‘cheating’ on your diet, try this:

C = Comfort in the situation: were you at home and content or at a party and maybe had a little social anxiety which caused you to eat too much?

H = Have you cheated here before? Was it a one-day cheat or did you give up completely and the cheat meals become a lifestyle?

E = Earlier in the day, did you skip a meal? This often causes you to think that you need to compensate for the skipped meal, which leads to overeating.

A = Were you feeling anxious before approaching this meal? How you eat is equally as important as what you eat.

T = What time of the day did you end up cheating?

Once you answer all or even a few of these questions on a regular basis, you will start to notice your personal cues for not being able to stick to the plan you decided for yourself.

Although most of last year would’ve been inconsistent in terms of your health goals, this year, you can start looking at not just what you’re eating, but how you’re eating & who you are as an eater to finally reach your goals!

I’m Ridhi, and I’ve helped hundreds of people change the way they eat by addressing the root causes of why they’re stuck with their weight, emotional eating & life goals. And I’m here to show you that you can live the vibrant life you want without wasting precious years on food obsessions!

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