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Your Guide to Eating Psychology

If everybody could follow diets written on a piece of paper- wouldn’t everybody reach where they want to go? Why do we stress eat? When we’re sad, that tub of ice cream suddenly becomes our best friend. Have you ever mindlessly finished a whole pack of chips while watching TV? Overeating our favourite foods, losing control on the weekends after a few drinks - we all go through this at some point or the other!

Then the GUILT takes over! Unfortunately, we begin to hate ourselves for not being able to “stick to our diets” and punish ourselves with meal-skipping or strenuous exercise! And the loop is endless.

Eating psychology is essentially retraining your brain to overcome challenges around health, food, and weight, that you must have gone through for a while now - tried everything possible, but are still stuck.


  • A unique approach to eating issues, combining nutrition and psychology.

  • A plan designed especially for you; keeping in mind your personality, love for food, stresses & your uncertain lifestyle, retraining you to include all foods, without guilt, and fear of losing control.

  • It's a long-term lifestyle change, which will make you the nutrition expert of your own body.


  • A plan to ban you from your favourite foods.

  • A quick-fix

  • A short-term plan to help you lose the weight, and then when you go off it, put all the weight back on again.

Why Eating Psychology?

There’s a reason you crave when you are upset.

There's a reason you numb out with chips when you are exhausted.

There‘s a reason you can’t control chocolate fudge after 2 weeks of dieting.

Your eating struggles are a message from your body.

So far, we have kept ignoring these messages and tried to fit ourselves in punishing & short-term fixes. But there’s a reason you’ve never fully achieved your goals. Because you've always ignored your mind-body connections.

Are you willing to join the dots?

Want to simplify life & enjoy healthy eating?
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