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Workout < Punishment?

Firstly, what classifies as a workout?

Does a workout mean that the result has to be sweating and puffing and gasping for breath every single time? I used to believe that unless I have perspired a small bucket at least- there's no point wasting time on the treadmill or in an aerobics class!

For me, the workout was always all or nothing.

So, there came days, (tbh most days in my life) where my body didn't want to go through the torture of sweating and puffing! I just wanted to be happy and lazy. Something was just not right- because I wasn't consistent. I was very consistent at eating lunch because I loved it. I was very consistent at meeting friends because I loved that too. That means although I thought I loved working out, I really didn't- or I wouldn't be making excuses!

I soon started to realise that this sweating and puffing I was constantly looking for wasn't so that my body felt light and active. It was because I wanted to eat my piece of cake, it was because I cheated on my diet last night or 3 nights in a row, it was because I binged on black dal after a heavy drinking night!

I wasn't enjoying the closed treadmill run, I never felt inside my body for all these years! This sudden realisation was a point of no return. I actually wanted to explore ways in which my body actually like to move! I had no idea. Trying different activities is very good way to explore what your body likes.

If you are getting bored in your body and watching a show while working out -

THAT WORKOUT IS DOING NO GOOD - because your body is not even registering it.

It's a simple sign that you are not enjoying movement.


You don't have to be stuck to something 'just because..'

What are your reasons anyway to continue working out?

Why do you work out?

Have you explored what feels fun for you?

If yes, please share so that others can benefit from your experience!

Because a lot of us (we don't say it) but are stuck in a loop and we need to help each other break it:)

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